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Preventing and Responding to Violence and Promoting Wellness

The IRC supports local partners and governments to ensure appropriate services and support are in place to respond to the needs of vulnerable migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe. Specifically IRC works with service providers in the following key areas:

  • Case management support for children including unaccompanied children and for Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services (MHPSS), including group psychosocial support for children and adults
  • Support to parents and caregivers on identifying and responding to the developmental needs of their children
  • Adolescent girl life skills to equip girls with needed skills to prevent and respond to GBV
  • Safe spaces for women and children
  • Mainstreaming protection in the support and services offered to refugees and vulnerable migrants
  • Information provision on services, rights, asylum process, etc (see below on Refugee.Info)

In Greece, IRC provides shelter to unaccompanied children as well as direct case management response to vulnerable children. In Greece, IRC also works with partners to improve the quality and reach of case management, and MHPSS services for vulnerable children, adults and GBV survivors. In Serbia IRC is working with partners to improve response and support to victims of trafficking. We are also providing partners with tools to empower adolescent girls to access reproductive health services. In Serbia and Bulgaria IRC is supporting psychosocial support services for women and children.  In Italy, IRC is working with partners in the municipality of Palermo to improve the psychosocial support offered to refugees and migrants in first line reception centers and is coordinating with the Municipality of Milan to understand and address the needs of unaccompanied children. In Germany, IRC has been supporting shelters to improve the services provided, by training shelter providers on the minimum standards of the German government.

Refugee.Info digital platform provides relevant, up to date information to refugees on the current situation in selected countries. Currently it is available to users in Greece, Italy, Serbia, Hungary, and Bulgaria, Refugee.Info includes four key components:

  • Information delivery via website, mobile app, blog and social media.
  • Connectivity via Wi-Fi hotspot provision in camp settings
  • Two-way communication with targeted populations via community-building social media channels managed by multi-lingual moderators
  • Service mapping via website and mobile app

Refugee.Info aims to protect and empower vulnerable populations through increased access to timely, reliable information and enhanced communication between service providers and beneficiaries. Each month new users access the webpage, Facebook and blog.

Safety Resources: