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Economic empowerment programming is designed to support economic independence among refugee families through labor market integration and the achievement of full financial capability. A key component of economic empowerment programming is early employment services to help refugees prepare for, secure, and retain employment. Work offers not only a chance to earn money and make one’s own decisions, it restores a sense of normalcy and predictability to life, and a way to make friends and to contribute to the receiving community. The resources here focus on practical and proven methods to support refugees and employers in accessing the labor market.


Early Employment & Job Readiness

Economic Empowerment Programming

  • Bundled Services: Foundational Programming

    An overview of the theories of change behind IRC’s economic empowerment programming, including a description of the bundled services model and the process of implementation.

Employer Engagement & Job Development


  • Seeds of Growth

    A guide published by Welcoming America on how to harness the potential of immigrant entrepreneurs.

Initial Employment Assessment & Service Planning

Reports & Findings


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