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Economic Empowerment

Labour Market Integration and Employment Services

The IRC supports refugees to integrate into local labour markets by helping them find employment and self-employment opportunities. IRC’s evidence-based livelihoods programming includes:

  • Employment readiness training
  • Vocational training
  • Business, life skills, and financial literacy training
  • Business grants
  • Apprenticeships
  • Job counseling and job placement services
  • Support to micro, small and medium sized enterprises
  • Support to employers in hiring/working with refugees

In Greece, the IRC works with local partners to provide employment readiness and entrepreneurship skills training. The IRC also provides business grants and mentorship opportunities to entrepreneurs starting their businesses. In Germany, the IRC works closely with local government and community organisations and employment service providers to provide quality employment readiness and technical training, with a special focus on women. IRC supports a case management approach, linking clients to mentoring opportunities, as well as internships and job placements. In both contexts the IRC is working to collect best practices and lessons learned on labour market integration and working with the private sector and share broadly across other European contexts.

Economic Empowerment Resources:

The EURITA project also offers additional resources on these topics.

Resource publication dates vary; when selecting a resource for your context, be sure to review the content to ensure timeliness of information as it pertains to your work.